Our Research


Modelling neurological diseases and neurodegeneration.

Using state-of-the-art genetic approaches (i.e. CRISPR/Cas9), we are working at generating zebrafish models of human diseases (with a special focus on neurological disorders) We then use those models to both understand and find treatment for patients.

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Zebrafishing for novel bioactive molecules and therapeutics.

Whilst most of the current drugs are derived from nature, many more bioactive molecules have still to be discovered. To help speed up discovery, we are developing innovative screening approaches and automated assays to find the drugs of tomorrow.

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Unveiling the pathogenic role of neurexins in neurological disorders.

We have developed a variety of mutants opening new ways of research to study the role of the neurexin gene family in the brain. This research should help to better understand the underlying mechanisms involved in diseases such as schizophrenia and autism.

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Service and Collaborations. Toxicity, Bioactivity and Genetic profiling.

Thanks to our drug discovery and genetic platforms, we can provide quick toxicity and bioactivity profiles of any molecule of choice. We can also manipulate your gene-of-interest to provide rapid feedbacks on its function or pathogenicity.

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