Life outside the lab

Cook Island never disappoints

Again a visit to Cook island with our youngest staff ;-). This region never disappoint.

During hte winter, June to September in South Queensland, one can admire the migration of thousands of Humback. A magical event. So nice and peaceful. Excepting when they decide to jump just next to you. Then it can be scary. On that day, we were alos very lucky to admire many and many turtles eating their lunch in the shallow. The water this winter 2022 is still very murky and pro-shark due to some recent significant floods. What a good way to finish the day with some Dolphins swimming in to say hello -or goodbye-!

What a day! Come to explore!

Come and explore Moreton Bay

Brisbane is located between the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. Two beautiful regions surrounded by the most beautiful beaches in Australia. Just next to Brisbane, you can also find Moreton Bay. There is no real beach in the Brisbane side, but the bay is the host of incredible wildlife. It is just amazing to see. Two magic islands are also directly accessible via Brisbane. Moreton and Stradbroke Islands. When you can find the time to get out of work, Brisbane and around are a wonderful place to explore. 

Cook island, next to Brisbane on the Gold Coast.

Cook island is a marine park, paradise and nesting bed for hundreds of turtles and other marine species. Dolphins are always around, playing and coming to say hello. The island is accessible from the beach, at around 700m from the shore. Grab a kayak, or a paddle board and enjoy the ride!